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There is no shortage of praise sung for the land of Alm-Öhi and the Matterhorn – but there is hardly a range of Internet offers as compact and easy-to-use as at Tourismusbuero.ch. Simply planning a trip to Switzerland is a pure pleasure here. If you already know what you want, you can search by region and category or search term and make an immediate price comparison, make your booking and plan your journey. And if you need a little inspiration, you can find it by clicking and scrolling from canton to canton – or through categories from “Active Switzerland” (“Schweiz aktiv”) to “Pleasure Holiday” (“Genussurlaub”).

The Alpine republic offers a wide and simply breathtaking range of holiday opportunities across the comparatively modest area it covers. And visitors get right into the middle of it when they arrive at the Tourismusbuero.ch homepage:
The red menu bar in the top section presents the categories by which the contents are arranged. Clicking on “Cantons” (“Kantone”) opens up detailed information about the 26 administrative units from “Aargau” (“Aargau2) to “Zurich” (“Zürich”), which are listed on the left-hand edge of the page in alphabetical order. For example, if you select “Grisons” (“Graubünden”), a summary of the nature, history and culture of the region is presented in the form of pictures and text. The right-hand section displays selected tips from the provider database at the same time – hotels, restaurants and guest houses, as well as sporting and leisure-time activities, which can also be visited with a mouse-click.

The name of the second category is “Active Switzerland” (“Schweiz aktiv”), and the name says it all: This is where you can hear the call of the mountain peaks and the valleys as well as cultural highlights. The title of the first subcategory here is “Valley Slopes” (“Talfahrten”), which offers illustrated article reviews of the most popular winter sports resorts for ski alpin. If the descriptions of snow-capped mountains and sunny slopes give you itchy fingers, you can save the corresponding article in the “Guidebook” (“Reiseführer”) and go through your personal selection in more detail again later. Concealed behind “White Diversity” (“Weiße Vielfalt”) are offers for those winter sports that are otherwise often forgotten: from “Bobsleigh” (“Schlitteln”) for all the family to extreme disciplines such as ice climbing.
Mountain biking, canyoning, climbing: Switzerland’s thousand peaks challenge their fans in the summer too. “Summer Sport” (“Sommersport”) is the name of the subchapter dedicated to these activities, with links and addresses of specialist providers and active associations.
“Day Trips” (“Tagesziele”) provides ideas for unforgettable Alpine excursions. For example, you can take the cable car to almost 4,000 metres to the Matterhorn or stay overnight in an igloo on an Alpine plateau. You can, of course, look down form the air: “High-altitude Flights” (“Höhenflüge”) also invite beginners to paraglide or fly on a glider.

The next category on the red menu bar is no less enjoyable: “Pleasure Holiday” (“Genussurlaub”) opens up a world of culinary delights. Why not go on a “Gourmet Trip” (“Gourmet-Reise”) to the homes of Emmentaler, Gruyère or Appenzeller? “Chocolate & Co.” („Schoggi & Co.“) lights up the sweeter side of life with addresses, information and links all about “sweet gold” (“süße Gold”), the famous Swiss chocolate. The subcategory “Shopping” (“Einkaufen”) presents Switzerland’s loveliest shopping miles. Here, shopping always means quality and good taste in places, such as the old town of Berne or Bellinzona, which are part of World Cultural Heritage or whose inhabitants (such as in Zurich) enjoy the world’s highest standard of life.

Anything missing? “Swiss Tours” (“Schweizer Touren”) is the chapter that cross-country skiers, hikers and tour cyclists should open. Here too, Switzerland sets a world-class example with its network of well-maintained routes and services – not to mention its immeasurable wealth of nature and landscape that can be explored. The subchapters here are “Trains and Railways” (“Züge and Bahnen”), “Hiking” (“Wandern”) and “Pass Routes” (“Passfahrten”). For not only the spectacular railway lines of the Glacier and Bernina Express but also the old pass routes lead up to breathtaking altitudes, making any journey around the serpentines and hairpin bends of the Alps an unforgettable adventure.

Finally, the heading “Holiday Tips” (“Ferientipps”) contains a well-packed suitcase full of details worth knowing. From hotel ratings to upcoming events during the Carnival and festivities of every kind, through to valuable information for travellers with particular requirements, such as people with children or a physical handicap.

At every point on the site, an internal link to the “Switzerland Map” (“Landkarte Schweiz”) at the bottom left offers a special service. Behind it lies an interactive directory of the address database. If you click on the locations marked red, a list of local addresses for tourists opens up. The search can then be further refined by categories such as “Boarding and Guest Houses” (“Pensionen and Gästehäuser”), “Tourist Information” (“Touristinformation”) and “Water Parks and Adventure Pools” (“Spaß- and Erlebnisbäder”).


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